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  Bike Bollard. When you need the look of a fat post, the Bike Bollard can accomodate two bikes.
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Bikeparking Products


Bike Bollards are a good way to go when you want to match a certain landscape aesthetic or have the rack double as a barrier or demarcation.

Bollards don't take up much space and can be strategically placed. Therefore, they perform well where you have lots of pedestrian traffic.


BBD04-IG-P inground black

BBD04-IG-G inground galv.

BBD04-SF-P surface flange bronze

red and ready for four fasteners

BBD04-IG-P dome top inground powder coat

BBD04-IG-G flat-top inground galv.

 BBD03-HDR-IG-P heavy duty rings Flat Top

 BBD04-HDR-IG-P heavy duty rings Dome Top

 BBD03-HDR-MPC-P meter post conversion

 BBD03-HDR-MPC-G meter post conversion

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