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   Welle™ Multiple Bend Racks. Yes, a familiar sight. Just pick the capacity.
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Welle Multiple Bend Wave Rack  

Everybody is familiar with this design. With its widespread use the multiple bend rack has become in many ways the de facto standard class-3 rack.

Easy to install. By itself it doesn't take up much space. And it has a certain aesthetic appeal. 

Road sign 

H3613-SF-G, surface flange, galvanized

H3605-SF-G, surface flange, galvanized

H3607-IG-SS, inground, stainless

square tube, inground, galvanized

H3609-IG-G; new-pour inground installation

H3607-IG-P; inground, powder coated, beige

H3607-W-IG-SS, wide loop, inground, stainless

H3607-W-SF-P, wide loop, flange, powder coated


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