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   SF Garages. Dedicated garage space or rooms are quite the rage.
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Filbert Garage  

San Francisco Garages

One of the best places for bike racks is in garages (usually considered the exclusive domain for autos).

Off the street, covered, and a bit more secure, here are some placement ideas.

Bike Parking Sign 

Alta Bates
Convert parking spaces. A location near the toll booth or heavily trafficked areas is best.
Brannan 1
A spot behind a vertical support is also a possibility.
Brannan 2
...or in front of cars, if there's room.
Under a ramp—but watch your head.
Battery Street
Under-utilized corner accommodates a mix of wall and ground racks.
A combination of security racks and standard pipe racks.
Example of wide hallway leading to garage. Sasquatch sighting!
Bike Room
How about a dedicated locked room? Like a prison.
Bike cages add another layer of protection. Serenity now.

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