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   BiketoWork Lockers Metal. Solid as a brick with its uni-constructed door and frame.
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Bikeparking Products

  Click here to see BiketoWork Locker (metal) in use.

Be ready for HEAVY pallets with forklift or proper loading dock.

Division of tasks makes installation go faster.

No posing or sluffing off.
Happily attaching splines for common wall lockers.

Sturdy and accurate uni-constructed door and frame.

Pop-out T-handle with barrel cylindrical locks.
Pistol Grip
Molded pistol grip handle for padlock locking.
Pistol Grip
Pistol grip with optional u-lock collar.
Hardware Spread
hardware spread
Good tools to have handy.

Inside door hardware for pop-out T-handle arrangement.

Inside door hardware for pistol grip arrangement.

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